What I’m up to now

Updated 2018-07-21

  • I’m currently a Business Analyst with Logisolve. I’ve spent the past five years working with digital product owners and agile development teams to understand problems, define solutions, and keep communication flowing. I think my key strengths are in analysis and technical communication.
  • I’m currently reading Peopleware by DeMarco and Lister. I’m also reading Modern Perl by chromatic.
  • I’m working on a CLI contact management tool, bbook, written using bash and GNU Recutils.
  • I’m recently read The Art of UNIX Programming by Eric Raymond. It’s full of Unix lore and software design philosophy.
  • I recently read “Ed Mastery” by Michael W Lucas. Ed is the standard UNIX editor.
  • I recently set up a mailing list server on my VPS. I just know it will come in handy someday.
  • I’ve been spending time thinking and writing about Gopher at SDF.
  • Studying text processing with UNIX.

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